Anyela's Winery

EcoVillage TREE Neighborhood

Ithaca Residence

Tompkins Trust Company

Ithaca College Circle Apartments

SUNY Oneonta Human Ecology Building

SUNY Oneonta Admissions Entrance

SUCO Cooperstown Campus


Templeton Landscape Architects is a firm based in Cooperstown and Ithaca, NY, providing professional landscape architectural design services that include higher education and medical campuses, public parks and streetscapes, residential development and private estates, as well as providing planning and grant writing services for upstate New York communities.

Templeton is an award winning, goal oriented team of talented individuals working to provide the best of landscape architectural services to our clients. We bring professionalism, creativity and an awareness of the world around us to each project. Designs based on the underlying ecology of the site, sustainability and a global sensitivity are our focus. Our strategy is to create a dialogue with our clients to understand their goals and aspirations. Through a thorough analysis of each site’s unique realities and setting, we strive to merge aspiration with innovative design to create places that are contextual and appropriate in their surroundings while also gracefully fulfilling contemporary needs.